I’m going to be taking you on my journey through The Myers Way® 30-Day Candida Breakthrough® Program from prep to finish. I will describe all the materials you get, tell you what supplements are included, all the benefits I experienced, and some downsides to the program. This way there are no surprises for you if you decide to go ahead with this cleanse.

I will not be sugar-coating anything here – especially since sugar is not on the menu!

The truth is, it can be tough to follow, but I was committed to getting results and improving my health. I’ll tell you what to expect – good and bad.

If you don’t want a super detailed analysis you can skip around this review and take what you need and leave what you don’t. It’s long because I want you to be as informed as possible and I wanted to give my personal experience and honest opinion.

But if I were to sum it up, yes this program really helped me and I got a lot of benefits from it. It takes work and if you have a severe case (or even if you don’t), it can obviously take a little longer than 30 days to clear Candida out of your system.


(When people refer to Candida they are probably talking about the fungal infection caused by Candida albicans which is a yeast that naturally lives in our gut microbiome. We all need some of it in our bodies but if it gets an opportunity to grow due to an imbalance of good gut bacteria, a variety of problems can occur.

Candida overgrowth is common and can affect you in many ways including your energy levels, mood, skin, bowel movements, and food cravings. You ended up on this page, so I’m assuming you are sick of its nasty effects and looking for solutions – which you will find here! However, if you aren’t familiar with what Candida is exactly you can learn more about it in this article.)

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Why Did I Try The 30-Day Candida Breakthrough?

I have had many symptoms of Candida over the years. At the start of the 30-Day Candida Breakthrough program, these were my Candida-related issues. Maybe you can relate?

  1. acne Candida symptoms
  2. constipation
  3. waking in the night with bloating/indigestion
  4. dandruff
  5. dry eyes
  6. excessive ear wax
  7. low mood/depression
  8. low energy/fatigue
  9. anxiety
  10. white tongue
  11. runny nose
  12. sugar and carb cravings

At the end of the article, I’ll share if any of these symptoms have cleared up for me.

Fingers crossed!


What Do You Get In The Program?

Dr. Amy Myers created this program and a few others to help people suffering from gut, autoimmune, and thyroid issues. I was more than ready for a change and was expecting to see results.

During prep week as you wait for your supplements to come in the mail, you are to go over all the digital materials received through email. Don’t get overwhelmed, but you really get a lot. This list goes over what I received:

1. The Myers Way Guide to Candida

The Myers Way Guide To Candida is a 16-page eBook that explains what Candida is, what the risk factors are, what Candida does to your body, what the common symptoms are, and the 4R Program. The 4Rs are the steps you need to take to get rid of Candida and heal the damage that it caused.

The guide was a nice educational tool and overview of what the foundation of the 30-Day Breakthrough program is. It gives you context and a better understanding of what’s happening in your gut.

2. The Myers Way Candida Breakthrough Guide

Amy Myers MD

This one is 32 pages and covers a lot. It includes the foods you should avoid, the foods you should be eating, the meal plan for each week, possible Candida die-off symptoms you may experience (I’ll talk about mine below), the supplement schedule for each week, tips for getting the most out of the cleanse, etc. This guide contains all the rules of the road.

There’s also an overview of SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and a symptom checker to see if you might have it. This seems to go hand in hand with Candida, which is one type of small intestinal fungal overgrowth (SIFO).

3. The Myers Way 30-Day Candida Breakthrough Recipes

This is a 48-page recipe eBook that contains over 40 different recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and sides. This was very helpful and gave me a lot of ideas since I’m not used to eating this way. I had already been eating a very clean whole foods-based diet but this took it to a different level.

I ended up buying the bone broth and I fell in love with a spin I put on one of her soup recipes. That was a major staple for me.

4. The Myers Way Candida Breakthrough Shopping List

This was a nice tool if you’re following the exact weekly meal plans (which you should). It includes a list of all the groceries you need in order to make the meals for each week.

This would have been more helpful to me if I had been more organized and actually did Prep Week correctly. More on that later.

5. The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen

If you’ve never heard of these, they’re lists of fruits and vegetables created by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They tell you which foods contain the most pesticides and which ones have the least. So if you’re eating any of the dirty dozen make sure to get the organic option when you can.

You can find these lists with a google search but I thought this was a nice addition for those who don’t know this information.

6. The Myers Way Candida Breakthrough Desserts Candida breakthrough

There’s no getting around it.

You will get sugar cravings.

And when you do, these are 3 recipes that can really help when you feel like you would punch someone in exchange for a chocolate bar.

7. The Myers Way Candida Breakthrough Salad Dressings

This includes recipes for a few different cleanse-approved salad dressings. I just ended up making my own by tweaking the apple cider vinegar recipe with a few more spices like crushed garlic, brown mustard, and onion powder.

Pro tip: These recipes are one serving only. I was too lazy to make salad dressing every single time I wanted a salad so I made a big batch that lasted all week.

8. The Myers Way® Community

You gain access to the Facebook group to ask any questions you might have and support all the other people doing the Candida Breakthrough with you. There are also people in there doing Amy Meyer’s other programs such as the Leaky Gut Breakthrough Program and the SIBO Breakthrough Program – which I may be doing next!

9. The Supplements:

Amy Myers supplements

*These next 3 are not included in the regular program but they are included if you get the Upgraded Program. It would have been more cost-effective for me at the time to get the upgrade since I ended up buying all of these separately during my cleanse and it ended up being more expensive.

upgraded candida program


Read The Materials!

Seriously. Candida diet

I made the mistake of not reading these resources fully throughout prep week.

I skimmed.

As a result, I felt a little lost and didn’t know where to begin, and felt like the course wasn’t organized.

But as it turns out, that was all me!

So I recommend actually prepping during prep week instead of just jotting down some groceries to buy at the store and impatiently waiting for the Myers Way supplements to come in the mail!

This means that if you need a lot of hand-holding this program may be difficult for you, as with any online program. You have to be motivated and you have to follow the directions. I consider myself a little less disciplined than many people I know – or maybe I’m being hard on myself – but I did pretty well with the help of the people in the Facebook community. Definitely use that resource!

I recommend printing all of the materials out. I know that would have helped me be more organized.


Prep Week

So during Prep Week, I started The Myers Way approved diet. I was also doing the autoimmune protocol so this restricted my diet even further. In the guide, it’s highlighted in green all the foods you should avoid if you’re also doing this.

There were days I felt very tired. I had a hard time doing my daily workout and skipped stretching because I just wanted to lay down. Don’t underestimate the sugar and carb detox symptoms coming your way if your diet is usually filled with carbs and sugar. This is a whole foods-based diet so it will be difficult if you’re coming from a diet that relies heavily on processed food. sugar withdrawal

I was cranky from my sugar withdrawal and complaining that the cleanse should have come with a planner for day-to-day instead of throwing a bunch of digital pamphlets at people.

I think this was the dying Candida talking.

It was screaming out for mercy!

I survived and stuck it out. The first week or 2 is rough but after that it was easy.


Week One

I’m feeling better regarding all the sugar-withdrawal symptoms and having no issues with reactions to the supplements so far. I’m following Dr. Myers’ supplement schedule of taking different amounts of caprylic acid and coconut charcoal at certain times of the day. The Candifense supplement is added a few days later so as not to throw too much at your body at once.Amy Myers Paleo Protien

I LOVE the morning smoothies. I use 8 oz unsweetened coconut milk, half greenish banana (green ones have less sugar), ½ cup blueberries, a scoop of her vanilla protein powder, and a handful of chopped kale.


I still have some strong carb and sugar cravings so this really feels like a desert to me!

When I do have cravings I just eat more cooked greens with olive oil or avocado. Or walnuts!

Even though I did get sugar and carb cravings this week, I never get hungry like I used to.


Week Two


I really noticed a difference in my anxiety levels. I felt different. Calm.

I was so relaxed and I didn’t startle as easily as I usually do. I was babysitting my 3-year-old nephew all week long while I relaxed

was trying to work and I noticed that I didn’t become as irritated. (I’m very sensitive to noise).

Could this really be working?

Acne is getting worse but I imagine that this is temporary as the toxins leave my body.

I’ve been having fewer cravings although they are not completely gone and I’m still not satisfied with my BMs (bowel movements).

By the way, your stool will probably look darker because of the charcoal supplements. Nothing to worry about because I asked people in the Facebook group. Nice to have that support.

I ended up buying extra supplements such as the digestive enzymes, leaky gut revive, the bone broth at the beginning of this week. I should have gone with the Upgraded Program which included 2 of these. These items are expensive and it would have saved me some money.


Week Three

Well, I unintentionally lost some weight!

I started the Candida cleanse at about 128 and I’m now 124. I lost 4 pounds and I wasn’t even trying. I actually didn’t want to lose weight but I’ll probably gain it back when I add back in some healthy foods I love that were restricted for this cleanse.

My skin is looking so much better. My acne is smoother, less red, and I only got one new pimple this week! It’s healing!


Things haven’t been completely solved bowel movement-wise but there is a definite improvement. I have seen some blood in my stool and hemorrhoids have popped up again.

I will say that one morning I woke up, got my hot lemon water, took my supplements, and five minutes later I became nauseous. It was sudden and I felt this heat from inside me. I panicked and took a charcoal pill to counteract any negative reaction I might have been having to the supplements.

I ran to the bathroom and put a cold cloth on my face and then realized I had to go to the bathroom. After I had a BM I was fine.

I don’t believe it was the supplements since I had been taking them every day for the past 3 weeks with no ill effects. Then I remembered when the same thing had happened to me 2 or 3 other times over the years. I thought it might be IBS – something I always suspected I had but never got diagnosed.

I asked the Myers Facebook group about it and someone told me that I may have SIBO which is a precursor to IBS. Another said diverticulitis. I was glad to hear that other people had experienced this as well and it was unrelated to the program.


Week Four

kill candida

The home stretch!

This last week was good except for some anxiety returning. I realized that I was starting to get lazy about eating enough because I’m just never hungry!

I used to eat so much at meals because I was eating so few calories. But now that my blood sugar is so even, I don’t get hungry and I forget that I’m not eating as many calories. You have to be aware of how much fuel you’re putting in your body.

The recipes included are delicious! Although, to be honest, I don’t follow the meal plan exactly. (I get lazy sometimes!) But I always follow the guidelines about what to eat and what not to eat.

My period is late and I’m super regular, but I expected this. Any change in my diet has affected my cycle in the past. So don’t worry if you go on the cleanse and this happens to you as well.



1. Every week The Myers Way emails you a Progress Tracker. You take a symptoms quiz and enter in your weekly updates. It’s a nice way to see that you’re really making progress. I was shocked by the end how many of my symptoms disappeared. However, I was expecting some kind of report or overview of my progress sent back to me. I think that would be more helpful.

*UPDATE! I received an email (a week late) helping me transition off the diet and was provided further instructions along with my progress tracker results. So, I can scratch this off the negative list for sure!

2. Taking all the supplements at different times of the day and making sure certain ones were taken at least an hour apart was difficult at first. I found it helpful to set an alarm to remind me when to take them.

3. The cost. I’m not exactly rolling in it. To be honest, my income is $0 a month right now so I really took a chance on this program at $299 plus all the extras I bought. In the end, it was worth it for the results I got. And I hope you get a lot out of the review that came from it as well!

4. The disconnect. While I’m happy that we have the Facebook group it seems that there could be more of a personal touch. I’m not sure I felt very welcomed in the beginning. And maybe that was my fault for being disorganized because I didn’t read everything that came to me. I just think there should be more moderators in the Facebook group helping to answer people’s questions.

5. The food is delicious but please know that you will be cooking. Personally, I love cooking my food and I’m used to doing so. I don’t eat processed foods very often but if you’re used to going out to eat all the time or eat a lot of convenience foods that are prepacked, this may be an adjustment for you. You can double up on recipes and eat them as leftovers as well.

6. The diagnosis. I took the Amy Myers symptom quiz and my result was Candida. I don’t think an online quiz is the best way to diagnose someone. If you’re unsure if you have Candida, SIBO, or some other issue it might be a good idea to get a diagnosis. Having said that, I still got great results from this program.



Amy Myers program

I am pleased with the results I got from The Myers Way 30-Day Candida Breakthrough Program.

I gave you a list of my symptoms at the beginning and here are the results:

  1. acne – my skin looks so amazing! I still get a few pimples here and there but they heal quickly and the texture of my skin is smooth and less inflamed.
  2. constipation – I noticed a big improvement here with a few lapses. I will continue to go sugar-free and keep with most of the diet and I’m hoping this will be resolved.
  3. waking in the night with bloating/indigestion – I am pleased to say this is gone. I have NO bloating or indigestion. I sleep through the night, my stomach is flat, and I feel like my stomach actually rests now whereas before it always felt like there was so much uncomfortable activity happening all the time.
  4. dandruff – No noticeable difference.
  5. dry eyes – No noticeable difference.
  6. excessive ear wax – No noticeable difference.
  7. low mood/depression – I feel lighter and less irritable.
  8. low energy/fatigue – I have less fatigue but still need improvement in this area.
  9. anxiety – I definitely felt a shift in my anxiety levels. I usually have low-level anxiety all the time but that really went away. I still have my moments but I’m really excited about this result.
  10. white tongue – Completely cleared. My tongue is pink!
  11. runny nose – No noticeable difference.
  12. sugar and carb cravings – Very noticeable decrease in my sugar and carb cravings.

Bonus? If you’re looking to lose weight, you probably will. I’m down to 122 from 128 at the beginning of this program. That’s 6 pounds! I wasn’t looking to lose weight but there it is.


Do I Recommend This Program?

Overall, I’m very pleased with the results and I feel a lot better than I did before I started. In the future, I may even try another one of Amy Myers’ programs. It may be possible that I also have SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. I’ll write more about that in another article.

Your results can vary. I was doing the autoimmune protocol version of this so I was completely grain-free along with the regular restrictions. It was very much an elimination diet for me and I got great results. Now I’ll be adding in one food at a time to see how I do.


So yes, overall, I’d recommend the program especially if you’ve never tried something like this before and need guidance. I’m glad I took that leap. Though now I’ve replaced my sugar addiction with these protein powder smoothies!

Remember that if you use my link for the Candida Breakthrough Program, you’ll receive $10 off whatever you buy. Every little bit helps.

I hope you got some value out of my experience and you have a better idea about what to expect from the program. Please let me know if you have any other questions about the program or Candida or if you have tried any of Amy Myers’ programs, supplements, or read her books. I want to know what you think.


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